Monday, February 1, 2010

2010..another challenging year..

I always tell my self when approching new year..another year coming with full hope and wishes..this year hopefully will be fruitfull more that previous year..coming year with full of happiness and cheerful.
Every new year, i would like to have a new clothes, for me to go to go play golf..anything laa.
I queued for long hours just to get a new blackberry for myself. Bold 9700 at 50% discounted price..
My wifey got me new ray ban, just to get me difference look from last year.
Every year also, i must go for medical check up. That is compulsary. Hopefully nothing happen or any sign of blood pressure, diabetic or anything.
Whatever i do, i always remind myself to be blessed whatever you have now. We may differ from previous year, but our heart, mind and soul always be the same. Pretty hard to change in short period of time.
So, macha..any changes of you lately???..


  1. btul bro... aku sokong... terutama last paragraph tuh...

  2. finally,u found your password...luv u bro...